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What’s the Difference Between Deodorant and Anti-Perspirant Anyway?


I remember as a kid picking up a deodorant that was heavily advertised to make anyone smell springtime fresh but I found out the hard way that it did not stop the wetness brought on by my love for disco skating,  So it was back to the drawing board of plain old antiperspirant.

However, people I’ve known throughout the years were not always fortunate to realize the difference.  In some cases, using any product may be forbidden by their culture or some products (even those that are labeled ‘fragrance free’ or ‘for sensitive skin’) may have an adverse reaction that could be more uncomfortable than a little funk.

These days, there are many wonderful alternative choices for staying fresh while protecting skin and of, course eliminating an embarrassing situation. Companies like Nature’s Natural Solutions have found ways to use natural science so that aluminum compounds, parabens and other ingredients that have been linked to diseases like cancer are nowhere to be found.

Here is a copy of out latest post from our Facebook page which discusses the difference in more depth.

An antiperspirant contains some form of aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex which actually inhibits sweat by blocking the pore. The concern is the aluminum in the antiperspirant that has questionable safety data. Build up in the body as well as the effects as a possible neurotoxin. 

Commercial deodorants contain no aluminum type ingredient and usually contain alcohol or triclosan that helps kill bacteria and heavy fragrances that mask body odor. Next time you are choosing either of these make sure to read and see exactly what you are getting. Because of the aluminum and triclosan in either of the commercial products many people are looking for alternative natural deodorants instead.