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Transitioning to Vintage


People always say that as you get older, you only get better.  And who doesn’t prefer an aged cheese, steak or wine over a hot burger. It’s even considered cool for hipsters and others to wear vintage clothing.

How come so few of us embrace the signs of getting older?  I mean, really, the voice changes and perhaps your views on matters may have a little more substance than they did when you first became of drinking age.

In other words, YOU ROCK but you’re not quite ready for those fine lines around your eyes.

While the aging process cannot be stopped, wanting a soft, smooth look is not a crime.  Collagen-based moisturizers are one of the best products for the skin that has a long history of  improving skin’s texture and feel.  When you use skin moisturizers that contain collagen, you will see results without having to endure a medical procedure.

We’re not knocking those that chose to get expensive injections but want to offer the true benefits of a natural skin care regimen.  Even if you’re still in your teens, it is never too late to start. For more information about collagen, click here.