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Tip of the Day – Get a Handle on Breakouts


Breakouts…..don’t you hate them!

Steps you can take to help minimize bacterial invasion on your face. Clean your hands before washing your face, when using face cloths or other facial cleansing devices by ensuring they are dry and clean each time you use them. If the cloths are damp from the previous morning, it will contain bacteria and other elements that will cause breakouts.
Use an astringent toner after washing to help close pores to prevent bacteria and pore clogging from your moisturizerand makeup. If you wear makeup, especially foundation and blush make sure to wash your application devices such your brush and sponge a couple times a week to prevent bacterial build-up.  

Keep bacteria away from your cosmetics with these simple steps –  

  1. Use hot, soapy water to soak.
  2. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry to remove excess water
  3. Let air dry overnight. 

Also,when sitting on the computer or watching TV be aware of leaning on your hands with your face. Unseen dirt and bacteria on your hands can cause pimples and irritation on your face especially when your hands warm up your face from leaning on them for a long time. 

Now that summer is coming if you are outside gardening or driving a 4 wheeler or similar activity make sure to thoroughly wash your face when you are done to remove dirt and dust.
Here are some other skin care suggestions for keeping skin clear, fresh-looking and youthful.