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Tip of the Day: You Are What You Eat

Did you know that what you eat directly affects your skin’s appearance as well as contributes to skin conditions like eczema?

Things like sugar, refined foods, deep fried foods and over consumption of alcohol can drastically affect your skin’s appearance. These food items can cause pimples, breakouts, wrinkles, uneven complexion and blemishes. Just cutting down on sugar alone can really improve your skin. It will take a few months for your body to get rid of the built up toxins from these foods but then you will see a great improvement in your skins overall appearance. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins instead of those other foods.


At Nature’s Natural Solutions, we do not add chemicals to our natural skin care products. We believe in using the purest ingredients as well as nutrients for skin that is healthy For more information on the benefits of goats milk, click here. Courtesy of the Global Healing Center