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Tip of the Day

Did you know that most of the soaps in your local grocery and drug stores are actually synthetic detergent bars and not true soap? Ever wonder why they call them things like “Beauty Bars” or “Cleansing Bars” ?  

These bars contain synthetic detergents, petroleum products and other harsh chemicals and are geared to clean with no real regard for keeping the skin healthy. True soap is made with either vegetable oils or animal fats or both and a good soapmaker will “superfat” the bar. This allows the bar to help moisturize your skin instead of strip it of it’s natural oils like many cleansing bars do. So if you go to buy a handmade soap ask the soapmaker what percent of superfat their soaps are. A good superfat should be between 5-7%. If the soapmaker cannot answer you then you may want to ask them to either find out if they can or look for another soap. A superfatted soap will help keep your skin moisturized and therefore reduce the amount of other products like lotions that you need to use on your skin everyday. Feel free to send these tips to your friends and family. BTW, NNS soaps are formulated to be a 6.5% superfat 🙂