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There’s No Dollar Amount on Quality


By Marie Johnson-Smith

Before discovering the best in skin care for a great price, I would sometimes laugh myself silly when I think about the ridiculous amounts of money I used to spend on frivolous things.  Designer bags and shoes, fragrances that cost more than the light bill …all just to keep up with images in the secretarial pool.

Now, I’m not knocking an honest days’ work as I had to keep a roof over my head somehow.  It’s just that for all the money I spent, I got nothing in return. It’s not like these things had super-powers that would give me a big promotion or send me some Prince Charming that would whisk me away.

Then when I decided that I hated my job and needed a change, I realized that I had no money to make that change as it was all tied up charge accounts.  So I decided to cut back on the spending so I would have money to return to college next semester.  Boy, it was tough as I thought buying generic brands would help but I just broke out in a rash.

When my college-age little sis came to visit, I could not believe it was the same pizza-faced girl that would beg to wear my jeans to school.  Her skin was so soft and she even had a glow that I hadn’t seen since we brought her home from the hospital.  So I peeked through her tote and saw the Nature’s Natural Solutions label.

Since going online to do a search, I’ve saved money, finished my studies and now have a job I love!