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Women's Show in Ottawa

Good Day Ladies! We met at the Women’s Show in Ottawa in April and I final got to try the sample of Shampoo and Conditioner. All I can say is wow! I absolutely love it. I purchased the Honey Orange Hand and Body cream and the body scrub (I mentioned I had eczema) from the sun and it’s all gone! I am in love with your products and am telling all my friends. It was so lovely to meet you and hope to see you at future show.


Thanks for making high quality, natural products that work!

Hey there!

I just wanted to write and give you some positive feedback on your products! I

I first found your honey orange moisturizer a few years back and LOVED the smell, it’s still one of my favorite moisturizers.

I also picked up a deodorant from Theresa and Heather’s Country Store, in West Porters Lake / Seaforth. It’s probably the only natural deodorant I’ve ever used that has really worked, and for a really long time! I used it the whole 4 months I was in Southeast Asia last year, in +30 degree weather, and I never had a trace of BO. Smelled like cookies, actually 🙂 I was using the Sensual Amber scent. I just ran out and picked up the Outdoor Fresh scent. I love that both scents are fairly unisex, and not overpowering – but I would REALLY love to have one of your deodorants in the Lilac or Almond scent, or any other floral/lighter/sweeter scent!

I also just wanted to say thanks for branching out into shampoos as well. I have been trying to find a natural SLS-free shampoo for quite some time now, and I was elated to see that you are now making one, as I have loved your other products and am always happy to support local producers. I just picked up a bottle and maybe will write back with some feedback after I get some use out of it! 🙂

Thanks for making high quality, natural products that work!

Jo. F

Your Repair Stick

My buddy and I work in a bakery. Flour and water all the time dries the tops our hands badly, especially in winter. So we use your skin repair stick because it sticks to our skin and doesn’t wash off as easily as lotion due to us always having to rinse. It keeps our hands nice and pain free and crack free from the extreme dry conditions. We always ask each other…do you have your stick with when we forget ours? Its a must to carry in our purse. Its been a hand saver for us. Thanks for an amazing product.

Kathy. W

Thank you for your dedication

I use to be the person that tried every new product I saw advertised and believed the claims that the products I was using were good for my skin. Thankfully I was introduced to your products and discovered what great feeling skin actually feels like. Before NNS my bathroom contained mountains of products each claiming to work on a different problem and oh the money I misguidedly spent chasing the TV version of beautiful skin. Your wonderful products have simplified my skincare and save me, without exaggeration hundreds of dollars a year. Thank you for your dedication to making the wonderful products that I now use exclusively.


This deodorant is amazing

This deodorant is amazing. It works for longer than commercial deodorant, and it doesn’t irritate my skin. I also like that it’s easy to apply. I will use this for as long as it’s available to buy!

Tess. L

Thanks NNS

I feel blessed to have found Goat Milk Foot and Body Butter several years ago and wouldn’t be without it, especially on really hot days in the Summer and blistery days in the Winter. I have moderate psoriasis – it used to be severe! – for over 50 years now. Needless to say I’ve tried many different creams and treatments during that time. Nothing else has worked anywhere near how NNS Goat Milk Foot and Body Butter has for me. It helps keep healthy skin healthy, softens rough spots and I’d not hesitate to add that although it doesn’t “cure” me it does help “heal” me: it helps me feel I can use something other than “medicated” creams and lotions to take care of my skin. Don’t we all need to feel we’re worth a treat – and not just a treatment! – once-in-a-while? Anyone with a chronic skin condition will know what I mean.

Thanks NNS, for bringing us the best in quality skin products. Mother Nature never felt so good!

Ottawa, ON

Thank You for a truly great product!

Although I have inherited really good skin from my mother (thanks mom) I also inherited her very sensitive skin as well. Until I found your products I had been on a quest for a very long time looking for pure facial care that would not upset my skin. I had just about given up! Your Goats Milk formula feels wonderful on the skin. The cream is amazing too! (love
that it contains Niacin). Honestly, my skin has never looked better. This is saying a lot since I’m not easily impressed as most skincare I’ve tried have ultimately fallen short of their promises.

Thank You for a truly great product!


Nothing beats it!

I just wanted to email you to let you know how wonderful I think your products are. I just found them the other day in Halifax. I am in awe over them. I am, without a doubt, your new number 1 fan. I am almost 40 years old and have had problems with my skin since I was a young girl. One application and I noticed a difference on my hands. I have had to see a dermatologists since I was 15 and he could never even supply me with products that have had the effect NNS has. My boyfriend and I purchased some for his daughter who is about to have a baby and suffers from eczema. She loves them as well.

I would love to know what I could do to sell the products where I live. We are in the country and I know so many people that would love and appreciate the benefits from your products. I would go anywhere and speak about them. I think they are fantastic. The concentrated hand and body cream is the only cream I have ever tried that has softened my skin and it stays soft, even after washing them a few times. I want the whole line. Everyone should know about your products. I would love to be a distributor of them. This is the first product I have ever believed in enough to want to tell people about it and want to promote it for sale. Nothing beats it!

Thank you



I wanted to tell you something about the bacteria buster facial wash. As you know, I was bitten a lot this year. I did start using the pest off….on everybody, especially when we went to the cottage. It works awesome, but my legs were such a mess from the previous bites that I hated even wearing my capri pants. They take forever to heal once you scratch them and they start to bleed…and I scratched! When we got back from the cottage I decided to use the bacteria buster on my lower legs where the bites were. After a couple of times doing this, they started to heal very quickly. Just another use for it. 🙂 It would make for an awesome hand wash for the bathroom. I don’t need to use it on my face because the face creams and repair stick are doing everything 🙂 .

Hope you are having a great day!

-Tammy G

MY FACE.....I LOVE the difference.

MY FACE…..I LOVE the difference. I had told you how my head and chin break out but my face is so dry that I need to use heavy creams…..No breakouts and I have even gone without wearing foundation a few times. Best product ever!
Now I am going to check out the blog 🙂

….By the way, your company and products have been a blessing!

Thank you,

Well, congratulation too on taking another leap.

Well, congratulation too on taking another leap. Your products are superb, in every way and you deserve every success for bringing it to the masses.

most sincerely,
Ellen, NS


My good friend Betty (Calgary) gave me some of your products as a gift the last time she visited me in Victoria. I am about to run out of the luscious Lavender body lotion,so am ordering 5. Some may wonder that I am ordering this from so far away-It’s worth it,for sure!!Thanks I love it.

Donna, Victoria

Dear NNS

I tried your bath products on my grandson who suffers from extremely dry skin and psoriasis. It works wonders! We have tried so many products to soothe his rashes and cracked skin and the doctors have even suggested cortisone creams……..

Trudy, Ottawa


When I was in NS this past summer I visited your store and bought the Natural Lavender Concentrated Hand and Body Lotion. It’s worked miracles at keeping my skin moist and supple. It’s all the more important  hat you be told because I have had psoriasis for 50 yrs this year, and your lotion is the first one to really help the undamaged skin. Damaged skin can often lead to the psoriatic lesions spreading, so it’s important to treat the healthy skin. I’m not endorsing it as a cure for psoriasis, but say that it also helps the dry scaly patches avoid cracking thus also avoiding pain and bleeding.

Thank you.
Claudette, Ottawa


Hi! Last fall I developed excema on my eyelid. Although it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t getting better. I was worried that it would get worse. I tried a variety of expensive options recommended by the cosmetics department of a chain drugstore. None of them worked. I then went to my doctor who prescribed Elidel Cream. This gave the excema some relief but only while I used it. However, no matter what I did, it seemed to get into my eyes and it totally irritated them. Out of desperation I found your website and tried your skin repair stick. It does seem like an odd product to use on the eyelid, but the excema disappeared almost immediately! Thank you!!! Since then, I have continued using the skin repair stick on my eyelids and your facial cream as part of my daily skincare routine. After 4 months of use, I am convinced that my eyelids are looking healthier and younger. The tube lasts forever – I have even cut bits off to let severe excema sufferers try some, and I am buying extra now to give away. Thanks for making these wonderful simple pure products!

Cheers, Betty


Hello: Got a gift from my secret Santa. She sent me something from her home Province and it was Bath Truffles made from goat’s milk. LOVE them. I have very sensitive skin and could never soak in a tub or could never find a product that didn’t bother my skin. You have the product. Can they just be put in the mail at what ever cost or is it a set rate and up?  I have 4 truffles left and I dread the day I might run out. Hats of to you for such an awesome product. Could you tell me more about the healing stick that is used for cracks on ones fingers? Thanks


Dear NNS,

My mother is finding great relief with your skin repair stick. Do you have any suppliers of your products in Vancouver, BC?



Hi, I just got back from a weekend trip to Cape Breton and the highlight of my trip was discovering your wonderful line of lotions etc. I would love to carry your product………..


Good morning

Good morning, my coworker who comes from the Antigonish area, just brought me in a bottle of the Milk N’ Honey lotion and a bar of soap. Just tried the handcream and had to go to your site. What a wonderful cream! Thanks for a great product!



I have ordered your Unscented Goat Milk Lotion twice now. I love it. The thing is I really have dry skin & winter makes it worse. I was wondering if you sell your Unscented Goat Milk Lotion in larger containers? I use it as an all over body lotion when I get out of the tub. It works great. Thank you for any information you may provide regarding this inquiry.

Thank you kindly


I was at the Farmer’s Marker in Antigonish a few weeks ago and bought some lime peppercorn soap. I absolutely love it and I want more. I don’t see it on your website and I’m wondering where I can buy more. I live in ********so I won’t be at the farmer’s market anytime soon… Thanks!



My name is Lindsey and I guess you could say that i have a story for you. I go to *** school and i always have to go get bandaids from the office for my excema on my hands , its really painful this time of year because it cracks and bleeds and stuff but one of the ladies in the office had seen you and had bought some of your cream for her skin problems and she had gotten a few samples for me to try, well I tried the skin repair stick and the cream and I’m simply amazed! i have never tried anything that worked so well in the 18 years that i’ve been dealing with this problem ! So If you could email me back I’d really like to order some more from you. I’m still shocked that it actually works so well ! Thank you so much you have made things so much easier for me because i dont have to deal with my hands hurting and cracking all the time WOW!!!!

Thank you again


I work in ICU at PGRH, and I washed my hands at least 20 times today, I stopped counting at 18. I used the eczema cream constantly today, and I am still amazed at the results. My hands are usually red, weeping and bleeding after a day spent in isolation with a patient. The redness, itching is about 5% of what it usually would be. I can’t stop looking at my hands. So, thank you for your samples, and I would like to order the following:………

Thank you. Cindy

Hello: Awesome

In fact most moisturizers make my skin oily or very dry, and yours seems balanced to the point where my skin is moisturized, no dry skin and no oily skin. I’m not breaking out or anything. I love it. Tracy I cannot say enough good stuff about your products. I see my sister tonight and will tell her again how thrilled I am with everything. I also used it on my ankle and although my skin is not smooth and soft yet it’s better then before. I got pictures. I will surely need to order facial cream for myself. Lotion for my girls. Shaving cream for my hubby, which by the way normally the day after shaving he breaks out in a bad rash, well not with your shaving cream. I’m so glad that I found you and tried your products!!!



Thanks for the tips on the soaps and lotions and I have to tell you I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the face and body lotions

-Joanne C


Thank you so much for educating me on the benefits of Goat’s Milk. I must admit that at first I was hesitant to try anything new on my daughter, but I am so glad that I did.

Your cream has done wonders for my daughter’s eczema as well as my own. I feel much safer using natural products over steroid cream for eczema and will stick with your product’s.

I am also so very pleased with your facial cream. I used to find my face was either too oily, too dry or breaking out. Your facial creme which I tried unscented seemed to balance everything out. My skin is no longer too dry, too oily or breaking out and in fact I’ve had many comments on my skin’s appearance.

My husband also tried your shaving cream and he too was happy with the results. No rashy red break outs on the face or neck the day after and his skin was so soft. I really enjoyed the scent of the shaving cream too.

Again, thank you. I forwarded your email on to friends and family while boasting about Goat’s Milk product’s



My parcel arrived today & I can’t thank you enough! They are just fabulous. I have no idea which scent to try tonight!! LOL The lotion is wonderful; smells yummy and feels great. Thanks so much Tracy…I’m a very happy customer.


Amazing deodorant!

I absolutely love your Sensual Amber deodorant! It works amazingly and keeps me dry and softly scented all day long. Thank you so much for creating such an effective, safe and beautifully smelling product!.


Love your lip conditioner!!

Fantastic products, would recommend to anyone!

-Chantal C

Typical Male...

Being a typical male, I never put much thought into what soaps and body care products I used…if any! That all changed the day an amazing smelling parcel arrived for my girlfriend. Now listen, I’ve never written a testimonial before – but that being said, I’ve also never used my girlfriends soaps and moisturizers before… until now! She a sweetheart, so she acted liked she didn’t notice. Though the cat was out of the bag the day an amazing smelling parcel arrived for me! Thanks NNS for showing me a cleaner way to stay clean!

– Jeffrey, A Typical Male

My Favourite!

I can’t go a day without the honey orange lotion. Most other lotions and creams I have tried felt greasy, didn’t smell good to me or didn’t help my dry hands much. This lotion makes my hands smooth, lasts long, isn’t greasy, absorbs into my skin quickly for on the go application AND it smells REALLY GOOD!

I work in retail and often get comments on it unknowingly by customers who say “something smells good in here!” or something to that effect. I had 5 customers in one day comment on the smell! I then tell them it is my hand cream and tell them what it is or show them the bottle.

I highly recommend this lotion and some of the other products such as the honey orange scrub to whoever I can because they are so awesome!


I am so glad I tried your products!

I’ve been meaning to write this review for awhile. I just had to share with you that I think your products are wonderful!

Being in my forties, I look for creams that help soften my skin to help keep those wrinkles at bay. Over the years, I have tried a lot of face care products from your drug store variety to even the pricey designer ones. I used to get so frustrated that I’d spend all this money on a product that I’d use for a week or two before deciding it wasn’t for me and then let it sit in my bathroom until it’s so old I’d have to throw it away.

Almost a year ago, I happened across your lovely goat milk face cream in a local store and have been using it in combination with the bacteria buster face cleanser. My skin has never felt so soft and I can confidently say the bottles do get get emptied. My skin feels so smooth not only after I put the cream on but all day long. It doesn’t feel greasy like alot of face creams out there and a little really does go along way. The pump form is a very good choice on your part for keeping the dirt and such out.

I am so glad I tried your products!

-Lynn B

Thanks for the great lotion!

I need lotion.  As always…love only yours. That fact freakin amazes me.  Your lotion is the only stuff I haven’t tired of.  I use it year after year and it has given me no reason to stop. Its amazing really that I have used the same thing for so long. Its a first in my life. Thanks for a great lotion.

Kathy W