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Staying Clean and Soft

I was brought up to believe that is something didn’t cost a lot of money, it wasn’t worth buying.  This was before I fell in love with flea markets, off-price stores and other steals my roommate would tell me about.
Not long ago, I was between paychecks and my skin care supplies were running low.  I didn’t want to borrow the money and there was no way that I could charge it.  My roomie always has nice skin despite being a snack food junkie and her extreme love of soda pop.  When I noticed that she had an extra bottle in the medicine cabinet, she told me that I could use it.
After a couple of days, I ran completely out of moisturizer and was in no better financial shape.  However, I did notice that my skin was a little more smooth than usual.  I thought it was my imagination so I went online during my lunch break to find out more about this company.
Turns out that my roommate’s secret was that she used the Bacteria Buster formula.  When I confronted her, she told me that using regular soap made her look like a walking pizza slice.  Then she broke it down that her love of junk food comes with a price.  Instead of gaining weight like most of us, her skin took the hit instead.

After a week of using this, I noticed that my skin was more even.  So I decided to say bye to department store products and I bought several bottles of this wonderful cleanser that not only made my morning routine easier but less reliant on other products.