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That Special Touch…It Can Make a Difference

Gift Set

Being a single, working mom it like being on a rollercoaster, once you have adjusted to one speed, you jerk and suddenly find yourself going twice as fast.  My boss had a birthday celebration recently and since my assistant was laid off last year, I’ve been my own secretary. I got a gift set that I thought she may like.

While choosing a fragrance was not hard, I didn’t realize until the last minute that I had no wrapping paper.  So when I called the skin care company to make a slight change, they were happy to oblige.

When the office celebration came, I was so happy that everything was shipping according to schedule and there was no visible damage.  When my boss received her gift bag from me, her eyes it up when she saw the bow on top.

It may seem minor but when you are trying to move up in the world, every little bit counts.  In my case, I’m going for a promotion.