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Before You Pucker Up…Check this out


It seems that a popular brand of “natural cosmetics” contains…LEAD.


Courtesy of, some of the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers have been found to contain lead in the testing of over 400 lipsticks by the Federal Drug Administration.

If you need a friendly reminder as to why this is bad, here is another article that not only tells us what 7 toxins found in cosmetics we should avoid but they also give a handy PDF that can be carried on your person the next time you go shopping for cosmetics or skin care products.
Then again, you can just pay Nature’s Natural Solutions a visit as our products contain no parabens, fillers or toxins found.

Try our Corrective Lip Conditioner to prevent lip dryness caused by extreme weather changes.  Your lips will remain soft and the natural flavors make it taste great too!  If you’re a little leery about wearing lip color, try making your own lip stain to accompany our lip balm.