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Psoriasis or Dermatitis?

Do you have a bothersome skin rash that may have been caused by a change in climate, food allergy or the possibility of an insect bite?  Though plaque psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder that may be hereditary, visit your health practitioner if you have any of these symptoms –

  •    Deep red spots on skin
  •    Scaly skin
  •  Or a silvery film of skin on top of inflamed area


Plaque psoriasis symptoms do not just affect the outer skin but also the scalp and nails.  Some tend to confuse psoriasis with seborrhea dermatitis(which also has symptoms of red, scaly skin that itches) but the difference is that the latter has a greasy feeling.

When plaque psoriasis symptoms attack the fingernails, the nails themselves may have ridges or indentations, discolorations or separate from the nail bed itself.

With plaque psoriasis symptoms, be very cautious of the skin covering your palms, outer joints and feet as these dried areas are  likely to have the skin split, bleed and eventually become infected.

Treatment can be simple as keeping the skin moisturized with lotions, creams and using mild or medicated soap.  Also, cutting back on alcohol, smoking and limiting the exposure of ultraviolet (UV) light to the skin. 

Also, try our Concentrated Foot & Body Butter for Sensitive Skin.  It contains goat milk and natural butters that moisturize the skin naturally with no greasy feeling!

DISCLAIMER – See a physician if symptoms are recurring or there pus is present as only a doctor can prescribe a treatment.  Most cases of psoriasis are usually mild and the outbreak duration varies from one individual to another.