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  • Sales Rep Starter Kit

Sales Rep Starter Kit

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Full time, Part time or All the time, the choice is up to you!

No monthly or yearly fees. EASY to sell as we have something for everyone and being a consumable product you know customers will come back when their product is used up!

Sell when it is convenient for you. Attend craft shows, farmers markets, home shows, women’s shows and/or host home parties. Grow your customer list! This enables you to call customers every month or two so you can gather a larger bulk order. This makes it easy for your customers, which they like, your customers save on shipping, which they love and you earn more money. Everybody wins!

Option 1: We pay 30% commission for all retail sales at parties or other events. We suggest charging approx $3-$4 for shipping for each guest to cover the shipping costs to you. Minimum order is $100 before commission is taken off and before tax. This is products on demand so you don’t need to keep stock and no money out of your pocket.

Option 2: You may pre-purchase products at wholesale and have product on hand for people but the minimum order is $200 first order and then $125 for reorders and then you sell products for retail and keep the profit of 40-50% depending on the product. This choice gives you more of a commission but you are out of pocket for your inventory until you sell it

Option 3: If you acquire a wholesale account (a retail store) you would receive a residual 10% commission off all “their” orders as long as you are a sales rep. You would be expected to call your stores at least every 6 weeks and see if they needed product. They can either order through you or through our wholesale website, we would set this up for them. If you actively pursue gaining wholesale accounts the commissions can really add up!

A total of 40% combined commission if you opt for options 1 and 3. Up to 60% possible combined commission with options 2 and 3. Or just pick one, the choice is up to you!

To maintain your active sales rep account you must have a minimum of $150 per 6 month period. We are always available for questions and we will sign you up to our FB distributors page for added support. We keep a very small number of reps per area so that it does not become saturated. We have a hostess plan available as well as a fun party game to get things going for you! For more information email us or call 902-870-5160.