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Sensitive Naturals Facial Cleanser

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Sensitive Naturals Facial Cleanser

Our Sensitive Naturals facial cleanser is made using fresh goat milk. Goat milk is a key ingredient in most of our products.  It has been formulated to be very gentle. Gentle yet effective.

Our Sensitive Naturals facial cleanser will not strip the face. It is non irritating and pH friendly.  pH is very important when it comes to sensitive skin. One that is too extreme can cause irritation and dryness. pH is also important when choosing products for eczema or psoriasis.

Our facial cleanser can be used daily, before or after makeup removal. You may want to exfoliate gently one to three times a week.

Our Sensitive Naturals facial cleanser is low foaming.  It does not contain SLS.  It also does not contain any harsh abrasives. It does contain an amazing natural glacial clay . This clay is only found in British Columbia, Canada. Glacial clay exfoliates away dead skin cells. It helps stimulate blood circulation. It brings more than 30 minerals to your skin. This cleanser is full of skin loving ingredients. It contains no harsh synthetics.

Free from many common allergens. No artificial fragrance. No nuts, gluten or oats.  Free of aloe vera, dyes, sesame and eggs.  Only a dime size amount is needed for most people.
Use on a regular basis to help restore your faces natural balance.  Use small circular motions from bottom to top.
Follow up with our goat milk facial serum and moisturizers.