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Baby Bottom Butter

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100% Natural

Our Baby Bottom Butter helps prevent diaper rash, chafing and redness. Apply our natural cream with regular diaper changes.  This will keep your baby’s skin healthy and happy!
This natural cream helps to repel moisture. It also creates a barrier to protect your baby’s skin & still allows the skin to breathe, helping to keep skin healthy.
It provides a natural slip between skin and diaper, preventing friction and irritation on babies delicate skin.
Creamy, thick, and concentrated, “Baby Bottom Butter” keeps skin nourished and soothed.

Preservative and petroleum free.  Hypo-allergenic and free from many common allergens.
No artificial fragrance, dyes, nuts, gluten or oats.  It is also free from aloe vera, sesame, eggs and synthetics.
It can also be used for eczema, cradle cap, cuts and scrapes.
Available in 1 oz travel and a 4 oz full size.
** If your baby develops a rash that will not go away, please see your doctor

Safe for use with any type of diapers.
Use along with our Sensitive Naturals skin care line for all your baby needs.
Our lotion, soap, shampoo, foot and body butter are all suitable for babies.
(Our entire “Sensitive Naturals” line is also free from the same common allergens listed above)