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Natural Perfume – Trinitii

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100% Natural Perfume

Celtic inspired 100% Natural Perfume. Gorgeous, intoxicating, sensual, comforting and grounding!


Our new natural perfume has been a year in the making and the star of our new Triskele line.

Commercial perfumes contain very toxic synthetics and chemicals that can disrupt our bodies in many ways but everyone wants to smell good, right? Unfortunately, many people are suffering from environmental toxins and allergies in this day & age and this is what gave us the inspiration to come up with a truly natural perfume that smells fantastic, has staying power and as a bonus is unisex and non-toxic! We also wanted to be able to keep it at a price point where everyone could afford to wear a natural perfume free of toxic chemicals.  Both men & women will adore this natural perfume.  One of our testers actually had someone chase them down the aisle in a store and ask them what they were wearing and where they could get some as they smelled so good.

Inspired by the ancient Celts/Druids and their love of nature, earth, sea, sky & their connection to the earth, we have developed a perfume that is rich in natural plant & tree aromas.  A modern & sexy proprietary blend that is uplifting yet relaxing and comforting at the same time. Notes of citrus, patchouli, pine and oh so much more!  You will fall in love with this perfume. You may even dream about it!

Give it as a gift (if you dare) or keep it all to yourself!  Comes in a 50ml glass reuseable bottle with silver fine mist sprayer.  This natural perfume is very concentrated and must be sprayed in order to smell it’s true essence. Initially uplifting and energizing then mellowing to an intoxicating sensual aroma.

  • 100% Natural (it really is!). Not tested on animals, free of nuts, gluten, preservatives and artificial fragrance or color of any kind!