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Goat Milk Soap – Sensitive Naturals

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Goat Milk Soap - Sensitive Naturals

Our goat milk soap Sensitive Naturals is nature’s natural beauty bar! Made with 100% vegetable oils and fresh goat milk. Our goat milk soap is ultra gentle and moisturizing.  It will not dry out your skin due to our special formulation. It has a rich creamy lather even in hard water.  A 3.3 oz size bar that fits perfectly in your hands. It is a firm and long lasting soap that does not wash away after a few uses.

The benefits of goat milk are numerous.  Our Sensitive Naturals goat milk soap is made using FRESH goat milk.  We never use powder.  Formulated with 100% natural skin nourishing oils.  It is so gentle we even have customers that use it on their face. Goat milk is renowned for it moisturizing ability.  Goat milk is full of many vitamins and minerals beneficial to skin. Of particular importance is Vitamin’s A,B, C and E.  This soap can be used by babies, children and the elderly.  Our gentle hypo allergenic formula is excellent for eczema and psoriasis. Unlike many other soaps our soap is PH friendly. It will not irritate the skin. It can help correct the problems harsh synthetic soaps may have contributed to the condition.

When creating this bar we took into consideration common allergens. Issues like this are becoming more and more common. Synthetic commercial products contribute to these conditions.   We wanted to create a soap that could be used by almost anyone.  Free from many common allergens like artificial fragrance, nuts, gluten and oats. No aloe vera, dyes, sesame, eggs or harsh chemicals.

We never test any of our products on animals.  All our products are made using Bullfrog green energy.  Unlike most soaps ours are also free from Palm Oil.  This helps counteract deforestation due to the enormous amount used in different industries.