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Sacred Spiritual Sprays

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Sacred Spiritual Sprays

What exactly are Sacred Spiritual Sprays? If you’re a spiritual person then you most likely know that the universe is all about intentions. Sometimes it just isn’t possible to burn a herb such as sage for sacred ceremony or room-clearing. However, if you set your intentions for the same purpose as you would with burning herbs then these Sacred Spiritual Sprays will have the same effect. These sprays contain the essence of the plants just like the raw herb. Burning sage is a powerful ritual that has its roots in Native American tradition. However, there were many other ancient people that burned other herbs like Mugwort (European), Palo Santo (South American)and Oakmoss (Celtic) for the same reasons. Today people burn sage and other holy herbs to cleanse a space, body or environment of unwanted energies and to create sacred space for ceremony.

Do you want to spiritually, energetically, and emotionally, clean up your space and being? Can’t or don’t like burning herbs?  Triskele has formulated a very unique sacred spiritual spray for clearing. Our crystal imbued “Sage Moss” is a blend of two powerful herbs, sage and oakmoss used traditionally for this purpose.  It even smells a little smokey to mimic the experience of actually burning herbs.  Set your intentions and then use this sacred spiritual spray to clear your space, aura or body of unwanted energies. Each bottle is infused with positive energy and contains a small clear quartz stone to amplify it’s effects!

Some people don’t realize this but it is very important to fill your space once you have cleared it because the universe does not like empty space. If you do not fill that space then the universe will do it for you and it may not be what you want.  This is where our sacred spiritual spray and crystal imbued energy mist, Vibrationz,  comes in. There has not been a single person that has smelled this spray that has not absolutely adored it .  100% natural and will leave your space smelling amazing and energized. Remember to set your intentions and use the spray to re-energize your aura, space or body. Each bottle contains a small clear quartz stone to amplify it’s effects.

  • 100% Natural. Not tested on animals, free of nuts, gluten, preservatives and artificial fragrance or color of any kind!
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