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100% Natural Deodorant (Scented)

3 reviews
5.00 out of 5



Our natural deodorant is quite unique and one of our very best sellers!

After many hours of research NNS has developed a truly natural deodorant free of aluminium, artificial fragrance & many other undesirable ingredients.
We have chosen a unique ingredient called “zeolite clay” that is renowned for it’s odor fighting & toxin absorbing ability.
“Sensual Amber” contains a natural tree resin that resembles an exotic vanilla while the “Outdoor Fresh” is an uplifting spearmint basil blend.
(Outdoor fresh is stronger than Sensual Amber in case you need help deciding which one!)

NNS believes the best defense against disease-causing chemicals is to minimize your exposure.
A 100% natural deodorant with no aluminum is one way to cut out exposure to numerous unnecessary chemicals.

NNS 100% Natural deodorant is effective, and smells great!
People report any where from 12-72 hour odor fighting ability.
100% Natural deodorant that works!