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Natural Outdoor Spray

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Help is here! 100% Natural Outdoor Spray. New & Improved 2018. The same wonderful effective spray now even better!

There is nothing more annoying than arriving at the campground and be bombarded by little flying creatures with teeth! Yikes! Ok well they don’t really have teeth but your skin might beg to differ.

Using traditional toxic sprays is not an option for you and your family. You have done your reasearch and that is why you have arrived here. Who wants to spray their family with toxic chemicals just to avoid bites?  But you don’t want to be itching for weeks either….  So what do you do? You come to Nature’s Natural Solutions!

Our Natural Outdoor Spray will help you, your family and your animals survive the summer smelling great and not scratching your skin off!  Drive even the peskiest critters away with our 100% natural outdoor spray.

Safe, effective and uplifting. Enjoy summer once again!

Excellent for humans, horse barns, dog kennels and more. Non oily.

Apply as often as needed.

To be safe pregnant women should not use ANY product containing natural essential oils and we suggest a small spot test for children in case of unknown plant allergies.

If you are at this page on our site you probably already know but we wish more people were aware of the detrimental effects of traditional summer sprays. Unfortunately, many people are under the assumption that just because it is on the shelf that it is safe.  This is not always the case.  We highly recommend doing some research for yourself to decide what is right for you, after all you inhale these chemical filled sprays as well as watch your skin absorb it continually throughout the summer months and into the fall.  Your body is constantly bombarded with chemicals everyday and night from all sorts of sources.  Hair care. skin care, foods, pollution, you name it.  Choosing a natural outdoor spray is one less toxin you have to worry about!