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  • Pure Essential Oils Triskele
  • 100% Pure Basil Oil
  • 100% Pure Cedarwood Oil
  • 100% Pure Cinnamon Oil
  • 100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil
  • 100% Pure Clove Oil
  • 100% Pure Lavender Oil
  • 100% Pure Lemongrass Oil
  • 100% Pure Lemon Oil
  • 100% Pure Sweet Orange Oil
  • 100% Pure Patchouli Oil
  • 100% Pure Peppermint Oil
  • 100% Pure Pine Oil
  • 100% Pure White Camphor Oil
  • 100% Pure Sage Oil
  • 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil

Pure Essential Oils by Triskele

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Pure essential oils inspired by the Celtic love of the earth and everything in it!  Pure essential oils are concentrated compounds extracted from plants. The oils capture the plant’s natural scent and beneficial compounds. Each oil has it’s own set of beneficial compounds that vary greatly depending on the plant.  Essential oils are obtained through distillation via steam/water or mechanical methods, such as cold pressing.

All Triskele pure essential oils are 100% natural and never diluted or altered.  Our unique bottle makes dispensing a breeze with the glass dropper tube.  Never worry about traditional drip style bottles that clog, won’t work or drip too slow or too fast.  Each bottle contains 15 ml of 100% pure essential oil in 15 different varieties (stay tuned for more additions).

Pure essential oils have a diverse amount of uses.  They can be used for inhalation with diffusers and nebulizers or in natural air/laundry freshners, natural perfume, massage oils and a host of other applications.  Any pure essential oil should be diluted with a suitable carrier oil such as avocado or coconut before being applied to the skin because they are a concentrated form.  Add your favourite blend to a roller bottle and carry it in your purse or pocket.  Remove toxic fragrances from your life and choose natural pure essential oils by Triskele and why not try our NEW 100% Natural Perfume!

Despite certain companies recommending people take essential oils orally, we do NOT recommend ANY pure essential oil from any company to be taken orally due to their potent nature and effects they can have on the human body and brain.  Unless you are trained in their uses and effects please do not take pure essential oils by mouth unless recommended by a trained professional. In our opinion this is irresponsible and dangerous to the public.