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Paraffin Candles – Why Not.


People often ask us why soy candles are better than the paraffin ones in the store.  Here is a few reasons why.  Paraffin candles and cigarettes have a few of the same ingredients. We often tell people that burning paraffin candles in your home is no better than someone smoking cigarettes.  We always get a tilted head look like we are crazy, lol.  If you wouldn’t allow someone to smoke in your home then paraffin candles would not be a good idea either. Especially if you are an avid candle burner.

Paraffin wax often contains the following chemicals:
• benzene
• ethanol
• formaldehyde
• toluene
• styrene
• ethyl benzene
• naphthalene
• dibutyl phthalate
• didecyl phthalate
• diethyl phthalate
• acetone
• crolein
• benzaldehyde

4 of the chemicals that paraffin wax has in common with cigarettes are crolein, benzaldehyde, didecyl phthalate and dibutyl phthalate.  So my question is.. why are they trying to get people to quit smoking so bad yet they allow paraffin candles to be sold to the unsuspecting public without any warnings at all?