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Nobody Wants to Be a ‘Dirty’ Beauty

If you think that ‘eating clean’ is a challenge, then you may have a question or two about ‘Clean Beauty’.  Courtesy of, this leaves a lot of questions since unlike food manufacturers, cosmetic companies in the U.S. have no legal obligation to prove that they are really natural or organic.
You may at one time or another, believed that if you spent more on your face care products, that you are automatically closer to purity.
Or that if a really cool ad preaches about the green lifestyle, recycling and other things associated with being “natural” means that they are legitimate.

Then again, you may not care…until you realize that dry, cracked skin is not cool and really painful.  It even gets worse when dry skin becomes infected.

So don’t lose your cool when it comes time to shop around for a place that uses pure ingredients in their products for skin as they are out there.

And you don’t have to spend a small fortune and finally, don’t fall for hype (or better, gimmicky) lectures that are integrated with media ads.  Yes, some are cute but anyone who has to use guilt to get you to buy something may not have a worthy product to begin with.