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Nature’s Natural Solutions – Getting Back to Nature

Nature's Natural Solutions

Nature’s Natural Solutions recently received this from a long time customer and we wanted to share it. We think she makes some good points!

I recently stumbled upon a video on YouTube titled Nature RX which made me laugh as it is intended to be humorous, but has a lot of truth to it.

Years ago, our ancestors lived off the land, ate food out of their own garden, raised their own families and used only natural ingredients. Why? Because this was all that was available them. There may not have been cell phones, television, antibiotics, but they found a way to survive, live a healthy life to the best of their ability, make fun with their own resources. Nature was very much a cure for things and people found ways to protect their bodies, nourish themselves and cleanse their faces using only natural ingredients. There is a quote that says “it’s impossible to walk in the woods and be in a bad mood at the same time.” We have strayed so far from this in society today. We live hectic lives and we are glued to our cell phones, rushing about, tiring ourselves and stressing ourselves out. For what purpose? More and more studies are coming out saying that we need to get back to nature. We need to start incorporating the outdoors back into our lifestyle, eat healthy foods, use natural ingredients and practice mindfulness, even for just a few minutes a day.

Manufactured chemicals are not the answer. If you walk into the store today, you are likely to be bombarded with products. Everyone claiming to have the best ingredients, “this will make you look younger!” We are falling for this because we are desperate to look good and feel better about ourselves. We will pay crazy high prices for products hoping it will give us the results we are hoping for. We are forgetting that we can take care of ourselves in a healthy way and have beautiful, natural looking skin for a fraction of the cost. I didn’t know this was possible until I found Nature’s Natural Solutions (NNS). The name itself gives it away. Nature’s Natural Solutions offers a wide selection of affordable skincare products, using fresh goats milk and other simple, natural ingredients that provide the vitamins and nutrients that we need to feel our best. I have been using many of these products for ages now and cannot say enough about them. They are high quality, smell absolutely delicious and I can take care of everything from my face to my feet. Plus, they are constantly valuing their customers’ feedback and coming out with new products to meet the needs of customer demands. I feel so good about using these products on my body, hiking regularly now, practicing mindfulness daily and getting back to nature, the way life was intended.

by Jennifer Pulsifer