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Why Less is More


If you have ever taken a break from eating fast food, even for as little as a week, and began to eat more grains, fresh produce and drink more unsweetened water (not carbonated or :”enhanced”), you may have noticed that you felt better overall.

Maybe your skin cleared up, you had more energy or slept better at night.  That’s because you had fewer chemicals inside your system.  For women, consuming products with many chemicals can be especially risky since many meat-based products that are served in most fast food environments contain hormones that can cause imbalance to a woman’s body.

This is why having a balanced meal is important to one’s well being.  Although it helps to use skin care products that are made with natural ingredients but hair and skin dryness, indigestion and breakouts can be traced to one’s diet, in most cases.

Even if you eat something that does not contain meat, hormones and other synthetic ingredients can also be found in many dairy products, also.  Do you know why your soda has both sugar and an artificial sweetener or high-fructose corn syrup?  Why do you need to drink wood rosin? When I think of wood, furniture, trees and paper products come to mind.   Forget that a small can is at least 140 calories but the ingredients can bring you harm if consumed on a regular basis.

Courtesy of the Huffington Post, here is an article that goes into more depth about why it is important to know about the ingredients that we consume on a daily basis.