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Leather Does Not Belong on Your Face!


I have a good friend from Jamaica that I like to hang out with once in a while.  “Karen” always brings joy to my day with her unique stories about growing up in Kingston, her funny restaurant reviews and dating life.

She’s also one of the smartest people I know but once shocked me when she bragged about tanning without using any skin protection.

“I have the sweet juices in my skin to protect me”, was her reply when I questioned her actions.

While speaking to a nurse friend blessed with “sweet juices”, she told me that the sun’s rays are harmful either way and that “Karen” needs to use a moisturizer and sunscreen ASAP.

At our next lunch, I noticed that she had a sheen to her skin that similar to people that live at the tanning salon.  That’s when I decided to send her a parting gift recommended by my nurse friend.

As all of us are over 35, we have many stories to tell about life as well as how body changes are rather sudden – and sometimes extreme.  What we did in our 20’s should come to a slow halt in our 30’s because by 40 and beyond we may pay a heavy price.

So included in my bon voyage gift bag was a day and night moisturizer set that was light but very effective as well as a listing of ingredients she should look into for her daily skin care regimen.

When she returned a couple of weeks later, she asked where I got the skin care products and thanked me.