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Is Green the New Black?

A growing number of cosmetic companies are continuing to jump on the bandwagon of sustainability in their products.  Major companies are using less packaging as well as other environmentally-friendly methods.  For the person who may have grown up with familiar brands such as Proctor & Gamble, this can be a little misleading.

For one, few of these companies can legally say that they are certified organic.  That’s nothing new to the person that has taken time to do their homework.  However, it is companies like P&G who attempt to get your attention with their 2020 Sustainability Goals.  This set of goals will reduce the use of  synthetic chemicals, packaging and other common factors.  Courtesy of CSR Press Release.

Yet, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal’s YouTube Channel, P&G CEO Robert McDonald says that the consumer will not pay more for green products.  Wonder what’s up their sleeve.  Check the video out for yourself.