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Why Goat Milk Shampoo?

goat milk shampoo

Why Our Goat Milk Shampoo?

Our Goat Milk Shampoo helps

– Keep hair soft and manageable while increasing shine.
– Is excellent for dry scalp, dandruff conditions and the dreaded straw like hair.
– Helps soothe and improve eczema, psoriasis and other scalp conditions.
– Softens hair and smooths out nicks or scratches across the hair strand.
– Increases scalp health and makes it less prone to dryness and irritation.
– When added to other moisture rich ingredients it helps make hair moisturized, pliable and extremely healthy.

One of our most popular products at Nature’s Natural Solutions is our goat milk shampoo and conditioner. Recently praised by Franq Girl Magazine as one of their favourite products!  Chock full of nourishing natural ingredients, high percentages of fresh goat milk with great lather!  Specially formulated not to strip the hair of it’s natural oils and suitable for all hair types including color treated and babies.  A shampoo that is gentle yet surprisingly effective at cleansing the hair leaving it nourished and healthy.

If you want to give your scalp and hair a real treat and give it some relief from the stress of harsh commercial shampoos, color treatments, blow dryer’s and hot irons give our goat milk shampoo a try. If you have scalp conditions like eczema or psoriasis our natural goat milk shampoo can do wonders for both your scalp and hair. PH friendly to smooth and soften the hair cuticle as well as free from many common allergens and irritants such as fragrance, gluten, oats, dyes, aloe vera, sesame, eggs and nuts!  So moisturizing that many people find no need for conditioner.  For really dry hair add our goat milk conditioner if needed. Best of all it is free from sodium lauryl sulfate, silicones and other harsh chemicals.