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Get Clean and Moisture in One Step!

I used to do what some people call “layering”. Meaning I would find a scent I liked, go to a high-end franchise bath shop and buy everything from the body wash to foot balm to hand lotion just to make sure that I could smell like lavender all day. Of course, I ran out often because my skin always felt dry.

One day, I came to work early and stayed hidden in my corner cubicle. Some others followed and someone asked if I’d made it in yet. A couple of people joked that if you couldn’t smell me then no. At first, it was funny but about five minutes later, the joke went somewhere else. I guess people are a little too polite to tell you that you stink too good.

Anyway, I went a little easier but still found myself with dry skin. A friend suggested that I start with the basics so I started with my shower products. This was when I first noticed my skin getting dry and sometimes to the point of cracking during the winter months.

Another friend turned me on to Goat Milk Sugar Silk Shower Scrub. Right away, I noticed that I didn’t need to lotion up right after showering.

Strange as it may sound, there a guy at work that’s been paying me more attention since I changed my hygiene practices. He just asked if I wanted to go for drinks after work and this is nice since my skin doesn’t itch anymore.