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Facts About Eczema Pt.2

While detergents can harm your skin, the perfuming agents used to give that nice but strong scent can wreck havoc on eczema or sensitive skin. This is why an ocean breeze or tropical aroma may seem like a nice idea for fresh laundry but here are some facts as to how detergent scents can harm you and your family.  So if you have eczema or another skin disorder, try using an unscented detergent to clean your clothes.

Believe it or not, a person’s clothes can irritate their skin. Certain fabrics can be a real curse, especially synthetic fabric like polyester or latex.. As a general guide, avoid wool blends and other synthetic materials. If you have itchy or irritated skin, try to stick with clothing made of 100% cotton.  Click here for more on fabrics that are known to irritate the skin.

If you have Eczema, dermatitis or other skin ailment, try our skin care system which has the natural moisturizers that relieve itching without perfumes.