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Facing Reality

For as long as I can remember, my face has peeled like crazy during the winter months.  Especially in that T-Zone across my brows and down my nose, it can get really dry and crackly.  A friend told me about a facial cleanser that moisturizes while fighting bacteria but I didn’t take heed until it was too late (almost).

For many years, I’ve acknowledged this and since I work at home, there is a comfort zone that allows me to rough it.  Well, one cool morning at the cafe, a guy asked me out.  Not just any guy, I thought we really connected on an entirely different level. I figured that by putting on my best face, he may just be the one.

Date night came and the days had gotten much colder since our first meeting so I figured that rubbing some cream (petroleum-based, not smart at all) on my face would get rid of the dead skin flakes.  By the end of the evening, my foundation rubbed across everything and he kept commenting about how I “glistened”.  How embarrassing.

Taking my girlfriend advice, I got some help and when I saw him again, my face was butter-smooth, soft and I felt much better about asking him out, but he is buying the drinks, LOL.