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Facial Impressions

Over the summer, I went job hunting after being laid off for almost a year.  Building my self-confidence was a challenge as everything seemed to go wrong on one particular day.

Due to my junk food cravings during my time off, my already oily skin broke out in horrid acne and I had the scars to show it.  I even had a friend work with my makeup, which included a heavy concealer but it was no match for that particularly balmy afternoon.

My “face” was everywhere – my clothes, anything I touched – and blotting every fifteen minutes did not help.  When the interviewer commented that I must have run to the building, I wanted to just slide under the floor and keep going until I reached my apartment.

While telling my best friend what happened, gave me this cool product called Bacteria Buster.  I also started drinking more water so I could flush my system.

Oh yeah, that job thing.  I got an email yesterday asking if I could come in for a second interview.  Yay! 😀