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Eczema and Your Child

Sometimes we may see babies or younger kids with small or faint rashes on their face and think that they must get a lot of kisses from different people and that it will pass in a couple of days.  Though eczema only affects 1 out of 5 kids, it can be hard to tell just by looking whether there is a serious skin condition involved.

Your child may have eczema if their skin is –

  •          Extremely dry and itchy
  •          Swollen
  •          Has bumps

Eczema is a genetic disorder caused by the immune system and can be provoked by food allergies such as dairy products (especially food made from cow’s milk), wheat and nuts.  Parents and caretakers should pay special attention to the child’s neck, back, wrists and outside of elbows and knees.  Also, consult a pediatrician before making any drastic changes in their daily meals.

The best treatment for the little ones try using a super-fatted goat milk soap instead of the store bought soaps.  A super-fatted goat milk soap will not dry out the skin like a store bought soap will when bathing.  Keep the skin moisturized with unscented lotions and creams such as our concentrated goat milk lotion for sensitive skin and stay away from the chemical filled lotions in the store.  Read the label and keep the lotions as natural as possible with quality ingredients.  It also helps to keep as much dust out of your home as possible and limit exposure to any household pets as their hair is considered a common irritant.