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Dry, Delicate Skin Cures


By Michelle Lee-Smith

Ever since I could recall, my face would crack.  I can remember my mum would rub a homemade solution all over my skin in the winter months and I was okay.  Yet, when it came to swimming or any activity that I kid would consider fun, I had to take extra measures so that my cracked skin wouldn’t lead to a rash or infection.

When I went away to college in the States, getting my homemade solution by mail became a challenge.  I asked my mum for the recipe but I couldn’t get it quite right with the limited use of the hot plate in my studio apartment.

I began to ask friends what they used to shield themselves against the extra-crispy cold that the Big Apple would bring.  One of my friends at the dorm gave me a solution that was great but when I went to the department store from where she bought it, I found at the cash register that it would cost me one week of rent.

Since my money was low, I tried going on the cheap by using petroleum jelly and items that were mass-produced at chain retailers.  These made my skin break out into small bumps on top of the fine lines that were beginning to form around my eyes and mouth.

This reversed itself when I returned home for the holidays when my diet was more balanced and I didn’t have the stresses of running from classes to my internship to my regular job.

When I got a job offer I couldn’t refuse, I returned to North America with a new perspective since I was no longer in the big city.  Being upstate was more peaceful and my roommates were a little closer to earth when it came to daily living.

One hipped me to organic products and every week I give them a big kiss on the face because I feel more alive than ever.  My wonderful job also led to me meeting the love of my life!