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Coconut Oil on your face?

coconut oil
Coconut Oil. Should you use it on your face?
Although coconut oil is a fantastic oil and seems to be all the rage right now, it is not right for everything. I hear from some people that they have been told to use coconut oil on their face as a moisturizer by a friend, family member or collegue. Although some people swear by it, NNS does not recommend it as a primary moisturizer as it is a comedogenic oil. Comedogenic means that it clogs pores and using it on a regular basis may cause blackheads and breakouts and we all know how much women love those!
People with very dry skin seem to tolerate it better but that does not mean it can not clog your pores. Over time coconut oil may actually start to dry your skin out due to the lauric acid it contains and it’s usage slowing down sebum production from your face. Coconut oil is definitely NOT recommended for oily or acne skin types even though it does have some bacteria fighting capabilities it will make acne worse and cause breakouts in most cases. Varying skin types need varying products suited to the skins traits.  Choose a suitable natural moisturizer for your skin depending whether it is Normal, Dry, Oily or a combination.  We think you will find much better results and your face will thank you for it.  You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a really nice face cream or light moisturizer.  Try to stay away from chemical filled products. 
It is kind of a case of “too much of a good thing”. Used in moderation as a “once in awhile” treatment is ok but not as a primary moisturizer. 
We recommend a more complete proper moisturizer like this for Normal to Dry Skin   or for Oily to Normal skin types.