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Repair Skin On the Run

Skin Repair Stick

If you’ve ever had a painful paper cut or scrape but no way to treat it, the Skin Repair Stick can help.

It also works on dry cuticles and sensitive skin. It’s ideal to carry around in small purses and most pockets yet unlike most lotions and creams, you don’t have to worry about spillage. Great for parents of active children or those who work in an office handling papers all day.

Tip of the Day – Lip Care


Do you have problems with your lips? Do you have a hard time keeping them healthy?

Peeling, cracking and red sores or markings around the mouth are a sign you are allergic to your lip products. So many lip products on the market are full of chemicals and synthetic sunscreen and many people are allergic to them. Try a rich natural lip balm that is not too oily and you may see a real difference in your lips. NNS corrective “sensitive” lip balm was designed to be used by the MOST sensitive lips. In fact it is the ONLY lip balm the owner of NNS can wear after suffering most of her life from the effects of the commercial lip products.


Nobody Wants to Be a ‘Dirty’ Beauty

If you think that ‘eating clean’ is a challenge, then you may have a question or two about ‘Clean Beauty’. Courtesy of, this leaves a lot of questions since unlike food manufacturers, cosmetic companies in the U.S. have no legal obligation to prove that they are really natural or organic.

You may at one time or another, believed that if you spent more on your face care products, that you are automatically closer to purity.

Tip of the Day – Get a Handle on Breakouts


Breakouts…..don’t you hate them!

Steps you can take to help minimize bacterial invasion on your face. Clean your hands before washing your face, when using face cloths or other facial cleansing devices by ensuring they are dry and clean each time you use them. If the cloths are damp from the previous morning, it will contain bacteria and other elements that will cause breakouts.
Use an astringent toner after washing to help close pores to prevent bacteria and pore clogging from your moisturizerand makeup. If you wear makeup, especially foundation and blush make sure to wash your application devices such your brush and sponge a couple times a week to prevent bacterial build-up.

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