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Is Green the New Black?

A growing number of cosmetic companies are continuing to jump on the bandwagon of sustainability in their products. Major companies are using less packaging as well as other environmentally-friendly methods. For the person who may have grown up with familiar brands such as Proctor & Gamble, this can be a little misleading.

What Are Parabens Anyway?


These are preservatives used in many skin and body care products that extend the shelf life. Courtesy of Healthy Just like preservative used in food to keep it fresh, they have been linked to problems when consumed on a daily basis. They also tend to mimic estrogen and have been linked to cancer in humans and animals. However, despite these findings, the Federal Drug Administration(FDA) allows this to be used in cosmetics as of June 2011.

Dry, Delicate Skin Cures


By Michelle Lee-Smith

Ever since I could recall, my face would crack. I can remember my mum would rub a homemade solution all over my skin in the winter months and I was okay. Yet, when it came to swimming or any activity that I kid would consider fun, I had to take extra measures so that my cracked skin wouldn’t lead to a rash or infection.

Dirty Deeds is Great

Dirty Deeds Hand Cleaner

That’s the new name of our Gardener and Mechanic Hand Cleaner!

The Key Lime scrubber bar removes the dirt and grease while the creamy hand scrub removes residue while softening your skin.

So whether you’re working on the car, organizing your items to be recycled or still into the Spring Cleaning, you can still have hands that are soft enough to kiss!

The Truth About Oils and Your Skin


We all grew up watching people slather different oils directly on their skin. Whether it was suntan oil while baking at the beach or pricking a caplet full of Vitamin E “oil” and applying it directly to one’s dry face as a way to clear up blemishes and acne marks.

Thank goodness, we at Nature’s Natural Solutions have found a way to remedy skin ailments and protect it during extreme weather changes.And we do this without having to use cheap oils that clog pores and make acne breakouts even worse.

Leather Does Not Belong on Your Face!


I have a good friend from Jamaica that I like to hang out with once in a while. “Karen” always brings joy to my day with her unique stories about growing up in Kingston, her funny restaurant reviews and dating life.

She’s also one of the smartest people I know but once shocked me when she bragged about tanning without using any skin protection.

What’s the Difference Between Deodorant and Anti-Perspirant Anyway?


I remember as a kid picking up a deodorant that was heavily advertised to make anyone smell springtime fresh but I found out the hard way that it did not stop the wetness brought on by my love for disco skating, So it was back to the drawing board of plain old antiperspirant.

However, people I’ve known throughout the years were not always fortunate to realize the difference. In some cases, using any product may be forbidden by their culture or some products (even those that are labeled ‘fragrance free’ or ‘for sensitive skin’) may have an adverse reaction that could be more uncomfortable than a little funk.

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