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Why Goat Milk Shampoo?

goat milk shampoo

Why Our Goat Milk Shampoo? Our Goat Milk Shampoo helps – Keep hair soft and manageable while increasing shine. – Is excellent for dry scalp, dandruff conditions and the dreaded straw like hair. – Helps soothe and improve eczema, psoriasis and other scalp conditions. – Softens hair and smooths out nicks or scratches across the hair strand. – Increases scalp health and makes it less prone to dryness and irritation. – When added to other moisture rich ingredients it helps make hair moisturized, pliable and extremely healthy. One of our most popular products at Nature’s Natural Solutions is our goat milk shampoo and conditioner. Recently praised by Franq Girl Magazine as one of their favourite products!  Chock full of nourishing natural ingredients, high percentages of…


1. Wash your hands first! Everyone has bacteria and grime on their hands as well as in the devices you use to wash your face. Make sure to wash your hands first and use a fresh face cloth. You don’t want to transfer that bacteria and grime to your face. 2. Using the wrong cleanser ? Makeup wipes and foaming face wash can really dry out your skin. They are a no-no. Make sure you use a gentle cleanser designed for your skin type. Avoid facial scrubs that contain ground shells as these can rip and tear the skin. Instead use a gentle wash with a soft exfoliator type device such as a face cloth or facial exfoliator brush. You do not need to exfoliate…

Coal Tar In Skin Care Products?

Roofing Tar

Sometimes I wonder if people really know what this says or if they really think about what coal tar is?

Many people use coal tar remedies to treat psoriasis and other skin conditions. Coal tar is a black liquid that is a by product of carbonized coal which contains Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which are proven to be carcinogenic (cause cancer).

Paraffin Candles – Why Not.


People often ask us why soy candles are better than the paraffin ones in the store. Here is a few reasons why. Paraffin candles and cigarettes have a few of the same ingredients. We often tell people that burning paraffin candles in your home is no better than someone smoking cigarettes. We always get a tilted head look like we are crazy, lol. If you wouldn’t allow someone to smoke in your home then paraffin candles would not be a good idea either. Especially if you are an avid candle burner.

Natural Beauty Products


Imagine yourself in Halifax, Toronto, or even New York outside your house while an occasional gust of various strong fragrances assault your nostrils. One moment, you recall the fragrance of soap you used for so many years but has since replaced with one made by Nature’s Natural Solutions. Another moment you also recognize the smell of the ointment for your eczema and the preparation prescribed for your skin treatment by your dermatologist.

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