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Beauty Apps – 7 Useful Finds

beauty apps pink makeup bag

7 Useful Beauty Apps Every Makeup Addict Needs Have you ever wanted to know what others were saying about a beauty product before you purchased it? Have you ever wanted to try a new hair color?  Scared of risking dying your hair a hue you might regret?  Fortunately, we live in a time where our beauty routines can be quickly enhanced.  A simple download of an app to our phones or other devices is very helpful.  Beauty apps can not only help you with your hair or makeup, but can do so much more.  For beauty mavens who want to simplify their daily routines, here are some of the top beauty apps.  They can save you both time and money as you transform into the…

Sharing Makeup Dangerous Mistakes

sharing makeup

Why sharing makeup is more dangerous than you think. From clothing to shoes, and of course, dating advice, you and your girlfriends share everything, but there’s one thing you should never, under any circumstances, share with each other, no matter how close you may be: makeup. Sharing makeup is a definite no-no. While yes, you may love the shade of eye shadow that your bff just bought and it might be tempting to ask her to borrow it, do yourself a favor and don’t. Just think about what your own makeup goes through in a day as it glides across your skin; it collects dead skin cells and bacteria. Now, think about what would happen if you used someone else’s makeup, or someone else used…

Skincare Routine Essentials

Skincare Routine

A proper skincare routine is essential! Having flawless, radiant, and smooth skin is the dream for most people, but unfortunately, it’s not always an easy goal to attain. For many people, it takes a lot of trial and error as well as effort and consistency in order to nail down the products that are best suited for their specific skin type. To simplify the sometimes dreaded task of figuring out how to have glowing skin, though, we have put together a simple list of tips and tricks about getting your skincare routine down to a science. Read more below. Wash your face every night. This may seem obvious, but it’s such a crucial part of any skincare routine that we feel compelled to mention it…

Coconut Oil on your face?

coconut oil

Coconut Oil. Should you use it on your face?   Although coconut oil is a fantastic oil and seems to be all the rage right now, it is not right for everything. I hear from some people that they have been told to use coconut oil on their face as a moisturizer by a friend, family member or collegue. Although some people swear by it, NNS does not recommend it as a primary moisturizer as it is a comedogenic oil. Comedogenic means that it clogs pores and using it on a regular basis may cause blackheads and breakouts and we all know how much women love those!   People with very dry skin seem to tolerate it better but that does not mean it can…

Organic Skin Care Experts 200+

organic skin care experts

We were recently asked to be part of 200+ Organic Skin Care Experts on . Fix Your Skin’s Expert Roundup on Best Organic Skin Care Tips 2017 There are a lot of ways to get healthy skin, but one of the most effective over the generations has been through natural and organic means. When we talk organic methods, there is a lot of information floating around the internet about various techniques through which you can attain healthy glowing skin. But what we wanted to do was to figure out TRUSTED methods that could work for your skin, without any shred of doubt. So we went ahead and asked the experts what they thought would be the 3 best organic skincare tips for healthy looking…

Nature’s Natural Solutions – Getting Back to Nature

Nature's Natural Solutions

Nature’s Natural Solutions recently received this from a long time customer and we wanted to share it. We think she makes some good points! I recently stumbled upon a video on YouTube titled Nature RX which made me laugh as it is intended to be humorous, but has a lot of truth to it. Years ago, our ancestors lived off the land, ate food out of their own garden, raised their own families and used only natural ingredients. Why? Because this was all that was available them. There may not have been cell phones, television, antibiotics, but they found a way to survive, live a healthy life to the best of their ability, make fun with their own resources. Nature was very much a…

Preservatives in Cosmetics

Preservatives and Cosmetics
Preservatives and Cosmetics - are they necessary? YES!  This is something that is a thorn in my side.  Having been in the cosmetic business for 15 years, you see all kinds of things.  One hot topic is preservatives and cosmetics.  There is so much pressure on the cosmetic industry, large and small.  A very disturbing trend I have seen over and over is the purpose elimination of the preservative on the label! Not only is this illegal, it is misleading and confusing to consumers. Also very frustrating to other companies. Preservatives and cosmetics just like food and preservatives are sometimes necessary. This past weekend I saw yet another company with a lotion on their table where the first ingredient was water and no preservative on...

Face Care Irritation

Face Care
Face care, is there a correct way ? The answer may surprise you.... NO not really. I am sure you have read many experts articles on correct face care regimens and following those recommendations to the “T” but you’re still having problems. They recommend all kinds of things like regular exfoliation, cold water, warm water, exfoliation devices, face cloths, toners, cleansers, moisturizers, oils and the list goes on. Oh yes and my favourite is “Ahhh don’t use soap on your face, whatever you do”! But that is another story. So what is the best way you ask? The best way to care for your face is the way your face reacts the best! Every human is different and unique in so many ways and your...

Goat Milk Shampoo and Conditioner Clean Care Awards

Several months ago Nature’s Natural Solution’s goat milk skin care entered products into the Clean Care Beauty Awards. Two of those product’s were our Goat Milk Shampoo and Goat Milk Conditioner. The Clean Care Beauty Awards recognize and honour the best performing “clean” beauty and personal care products. They celebrate excellence of “free from” beauty products. Entries were judged by Beauty and Health experts based on performance, effectiveness and functionality. We were recently informed that our Goat Milk Shampoo has made the top 3 finalists in their category! This goat milk shampoo is free from allergens like sodium lauryl sulfate, fragrance, gluten, nuts, herbs, eggs, sesame, aloe vera and harsh chemicals that is excellent for anyone but especially sensitive individuals as well as itchy scalps….

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