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Beauty Apps – 7 Useful Finds

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7 Useful Beauty Apps Every Makeup Addict Needs

Have you ever wanted to know what others were saying about a beauty product before you purchased it? Have you ever wanted to try a new hair color?  Scared of risking dying your hair a hue you might regret?  Fortunately, we live in a time where our beauty routines can be quickly enhanced.  A simple download of an app to our phones or other devices is very helpful.  Beauty apps can not only help you with your hair or makeup, but can do so much more.  For beauty mavens who want to simplify their daily routines, here are some of the top beauty apps.  They can save you both time and money as you transform into the most glamorous rendition of you.



GlamScout is fantastic when it comes to beauty apps. It is a makeup matching application that lets users snap photos of beauty finds. Then you match them against various brands and budget points across the beauty apps database.  From eyeshadow colors a model is wearing to a lipstick shade a stranger is donning across the room. You can easily recreate their looks by uploading your photos and then matching them to GlamScout’s brands and products.  In fact, there are over 100+ brands with over 10,000+ products on GlamScout. Identifying a makeup shade and brand has never been easier.



Ready for a virtual makeover?  Modiface lets you try different beauty effects, including new hairstyles and makeup shades, in an instant.  Through digital facial recognition technology, Modiface lets you try new trends. All this without actually purchasing any products or scheduling a salon visit.  With Modiface, you can try new styles and then make purchases based on how they look on you virtually.  The app works by transforming selfies that you upload and then experiment on with different looks and styles.  You can even try out your favorite celebrity’s red carpet look for a brand new you! As far as beauty apps go this one is fantastic!



Another great application is Mirror.  Mirror lets you transform your phone’s front facing camera into an actual mirror.  Then you can use it to apply makeup or to fix your hair.  Throw away your pocket mirror!  This versatile application (which includes enhanced features like light filters) can be used to quickly freshen yourself up. This helps to give you the confidence and flattering appearance you need before stepping into a room.



Need a dose of instant beauty inspiration?  Interested in learning more about the latest trends, styles and colors of the season?  Pinterest remains a tried-and-true application for such ideas.  Pinterest allows you to create personal beauty boards where you can save your favorite looks and beauty finds.  From hairstyles, nail art and skincare products, to the best in makeup tools.  There are thousands of images on Pinterest to choose from.  What makes Pinterest so unique is these images link back to their original sources.  You can check out insightful blogs, learn tips and tricks, and still have the images saved in your personal board.



Sometimes finding the perfect shade of foundation can become quite a challenge.  Fortunately, there is an app that can create the perfect foundation blend for your skin tone. You then have it mailed directly to your doorstep.  MatchCo identifies the perfect foundation color based on photos of your skin that you upload into the application.  Long gone are the days of spending countless hours at a beauty counter testing and mixing different foundations.  MatchCo solves this problem with the simple click of a button.


Pretty in My Pocket

Another useful app that beauty addicts will adore is Pretty in My Pocket.  This app lets you scan barcodes in real time. This gives you access to customer reviews before you ever make a purchase.  This app is a beauty essential that is quite useful when trying out a new product or brand.  In an instant, you can read what others are saying about the item.  Then you can decide on whether it is right for you.  This app will save you both time and money.


Google Home’s Virtual Assistant

Google Home is a smart home device that has an accompanying Virtual Assistant app. It lets you ask the system questions which query into Google’s network of information.  This innovative technology responds to voice commands.  It can give you answers to your most pressing beauty questions.  For instance, if you run out of your favorite beauty product.  You can quickly ask the Virtual Assistant which store has the item on sale in your local area.  What a useful application!


Written by an NNS favourite Guest Writer – Cassie Brewer