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What You Should Know About Your Shampoo

Some of you out there, at one time or another, have tried a shampoo that irritated your scalp to no end. And you may have said to yourself, ‘That’s what I get for buying a cheap/too darn expensive product.’ Price does not matter, it’s the chemicals along with the condition of your scalp at the time of shampooing. Dry skin is more prone to itch and sometimes it can hurt more to scratch because the last thing you need is to have product coming in contact with raw skin.

Fight Dry Skin

Winter months are around the corner and your skin will need the best protection possible. Skin that soft is not synonymous with greasy skin or smelling fragrant. Our Concentrated Foot & Body Butters contain natural ingredients that include pure goat’s milk, cocoa butter and Vitamin E.

Making Lye Soap – Saponification

Saponification is the chemical process of making soap that involves an exothermic reaction between lye (sodium hydroxide) and a fat (usually oils). What is commonly known as cold process soap making yields a glycerin-rich soap, which used to be referred to as lye soap. People may associate lye soap with something that is unpleasant to use because too much lye was used in the soap formula and lye (sodium hydroxide) remained in the bar of soap to irritate and burn the skin. Soap cannot be made without using lye. When made correctly, no lye will remain in the bar of soap.

Soap cannot be made without using lye but when done the right way, no lye will remain in the bar of soap.

What Soap Really Is

Do you know what soap really is?

Most of the cleansing bars sold are not soap but detergent.
You know, the product used to wash dirt and bacteria from clothing and dishes.
Anyway, what is sold in stores are really syndet bars, or synthetic detergent bars because of the harsh, synthesized chemicals it contains.


Nature’s Natural Solutions is dedicated to bringing you the most healthy, natural and soothing goat milk skin care product’s possible. We specialize in skin care products made with FRESH goat’s milk and cater to people with sensitive skin and skin problem’s but of course our product’s can be used by anyone. Goat Milk is fast becoming one of the most sought after body-care products world wide and with good reason! Goat Milk is easily absorbed by the skin, bringing with it moisture, restorative proteins, vitamins and minerals that help keep your skin soft, supple and healthy the way nature intended.

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