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Tip of the Day

Do you or someone you know ever have tiny skin colored bumps all over your skin in some areas and don’t know why?

They don’t seem to bother you too much but are annoying and occasionally itchy? Sometimes tiny non-colored bumps on the skin is simply dry skin.

New Product in Time For Warm Weather

Natural Deodorant

Are you tired of antiperspirants with mystery ingredients that are supposed to fight wetness? Or those that have such a strong scent that it clashes with your body chemistry? How about those “natural” deodorants that can’t stop perspiration?

Nature’s Natural Solutions has the answer in a new deodorant that is free of aluminum and will protect your body from wetness for more than 24 hours. One day is the maximum time that those products sold at most stores can guarantee. Available in Outdoor Fresh and Sensual Amber scents.

Feel Like a Queen on Valentine’s Day


Winter is still here and that means giving your skin what it deserves all year long. If you love the department store scents but hate having to “layer” so that skin will stay soft, try our goat’s milk bath and shower products for that luxurious feeling!

And remember that you do not have to be a member of royalty in order to feel pampered and special. Back in ancient Egyptian times, Cleopatra only used natural ingredients like milk in which to bathe. Could you imagine if she had to use synthetic products that dry skin or can be irritating?

It’s Not Too Late For Soft Skin

If Santa Claus was a little generous this year, treat yourself with Nature’s Natural Solutions Hand and Body Wash.

I know that winter months have just begun and staying soft and supple is the best way to defend yourself against dry, cracked skin.

Available in Sensitive Skin and Almond Butter, this wash is made with milk proteins and shea butter for that natural moisture your skin needs to maintain its elasticity.

Be Soft and Sweet

Natural Lavender Shower Scrub

If you’ve ever tried one of those sugar scrubs from “that place in the mall”, this isn’t the same thing. Our Goat Milk Sugar Scrub contains natural ingredients that won’t dry your skin or leave it sticky feeling. Leave that to the desserts you are probably enjoying this holiday. And you have sensitive skin, there’s also an Unscented version that will leave you soft and supple after a nice, warming shower.

Moisturize Dry Skin

Winter months are coming and if you have extra-dry skin or are suffering from a chronic skin condition such as eczema, try some butter.

Concentrated Foot & Body Butter is what your skin could use as a nice little treat after a long day as it moisturizes without that greasy feeling and is made from natural ingredients such as Cocoa Butter, Oat Flour and Vitamin E. Remember, we do NOT use goat milk powder or extracts but the real thing that is 100% natural.

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