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Face Care Irritation

Face Care

Face care, is there a correct way ?

The answer may surprise you…. NO not really. I am sure you have read many experts articles on correct face care regimens and following those recommendations to the “T” but you’re still having problems. They recommend all kinds of things like regular exfoliation, cold water, warm water, exfoliation devices, face cloths, toners, cleansers, moisturizers, oils and the list goes on. Oh yes and my favourite is “Ahhh don’t use soap on your face, whatever you do”! But that is another story.

So what is the best way you ask? The best way to care for your face is the way your face reacts the best! Every human is different and unique in so many ways and your face is no different. I have talked to many many people over the years and have come to the conclusion that your face knows best, not some scientist or dermatologist. Some people can scrub their face like they were trying to take the paint off an old dresser. Some can barely touch their face without some sort of funky freak show erupting. Face care can be challenging to say the least!

Sooooo….. do what your face likes best. If your face looks it’s best when it is washed with plain water and a face cloth then that is what your skin likes and reacts to the best. Myself for instance, I used to have lots of little issues with my face, things like little red dots, zits, little bumps etc would frequent my face. I would blame it on food, hormones or some sort of other reason. It drove me crazy. Why oh why is my face doing this! I finally realized after really paying attention to what I was doing for my face care that my face did not like being exfoliated, at least not very often. But how can that be!! The experts all say that you must exfoliate and some go as far as saying that you should do it everyday. Well I beg to differ. Face care can be trial and error to say the least.

I decided to experiment. I stopped exfoliating my face all together for a few weeks without changing anything else and to my amazement my face stopped reacting. Now I am not against exfoliation but my face apparently is. After much experimentation I finally came to the conclusion that my face tolerates very gentle exfoliation and no more than once a week. If I increase it or use something too harsh my face starts to react again. My face also does not like being over washed. So there are many days I simply refresh my face with plain ol’ warm water or with a little NNS sensitive soap, Ahhhhh the dreaded soap! Then I apply our NNS facial serum and light moisturizer. In the winter I use the NNS repair stick on my forehead and around my eyes a few times a week as that is my seasonal dry zone. This is the routine my face loves best and that is how my face care regimen was born!

So my conclusion is “Do what works best for you”! To start treat your face like you were trying to figure out what food sensitivities you may have. Start an elimination diet for your face but only change one thing at a time and give it at least a week to discover any changes either good or bad. Another consideration is you may have allergies to certain ingredients, a lady told me she recently developed an allergic reaction to coconut. You may not have an allergy but you may have a sensitivity. Unlike some people not all of us can exfoliate our face daily or use a “so called” facial routine of cleansers, toners, creams and exfoliators like the experts tell us too.

So let your face tell you what it best for it and no one else. I know that my face has never looked better!