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Alcohol in Skin Care – Do YOU know the difference?


It seems to be without fail that every time I am at an event with the NNS products someone picks up a bottle or jar and asks if there is any alcohol in our products. There is a lot of confusion on this subject.

Popular ingredients in many skin care products are ingredients like Cetyl Alcohol & Cetearyl Alcohol and because of the word “alcohol” consumers automatically associate it with drying alcohols like denatured grain alcohol, ethyl, alcohol SD, benzyl and isopropyl alcohol. Well let me tell you there is a BIG difference and it is important for consumers to know the difference. Cetyl, Stearyl and Cetearyl Alcohols are “FATTY Alcohols” which can be found in the waxy film that plants have over their leaves and fruits and are actually “moisturizing” and NOT drying at all. These fatty alcohols help to moisturize the skin as well as acts like a humectant in some cases.

So do not be scared of the word “alcohol” in your skin care products, just educate yourself to the difference between them. We hope this helps clarify this confusing topic.