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A yummy weekend recipe for you, and a “sneak peek” at new products coming up!

Here we are heading into another weekend! I’m not sure if it was just because of March Break here in Southern Ontario, or if it was the weather, but this week has me feeling whooped!
A daily struggle around my house is the never-ending debate of what to make for dinner, and to ease that I’ve lately gotten into the habit of meal planning. It doesn’t always go according to plan, but it saves the worry for at least a few days of the week!
One thing my family always loves though, is a good brunch! There is just something about those “Sunday brunch” feels that “makes” the weekend.
I was wanting “something different” this week though, and while doing some work I got thinking about omelettes, frittatas, and quiche (my sister has a bridal shower coming up in April at a place known for it’s gorgeous brunches and lunches, so I’ll give credit there!).. anyway, point is, it got me looking for a “new” recipe, and so I’ve found this one from Meyenberg dairy to share with you!
* Note : we are not affiliated with Meyenberg dairy in any way, I simply appreciate some great recipes for delicious, nutritious food! *

I hope you have a chance to kick back and get some “Sunday vibes” this weekend too, and maybe give this recipe a try!
As a side-note, this coming week you should see an announcement regarding some new products making a debut!
Well, a tried-and-true favourite, with a couple new scents!
Here’s a hint : if you’ve tried and liked our new scents for shampoo and conditioner, you’re in for a treat! 😉

Have a great weekend,
– Annette