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1. Wash your hands first!
Everyone has bacteria and grime on their hands as well as in the devices you use to wash your face. Make sure to wash your hands first and use a fresh face cloth. You don’t want to transfer that bacteria and grime to your face.

2. Using the wrong cleanser ?
Makeup wipes and foaming face wash can really dry out your skin. They are a no-no. Make sure you use a gentle cleanser designed for your skin type. Avoid facial scrubs that contain ground shells as these can rip and tear the skin. Instead use a gentle wash with a soft exfoliator type device such as a face cloth or facial exfoliator brush. You do not need to exfoliate everyday as over exfoliating can damage your skin. A few times a week is good. NEVER use a cleanser that contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as it is very drying and irritating.
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3. Use the proper temperature water.
Always use mildly warm water to wash and rinse your face. Make sure to moisten the skin first before applying cleanser.

4. Rinse properly.
It is very important that you rinse your face completely. Make sure to never leave behind cleanser on your face, neck, ears etc. Residue left behind can dry out your skin and cause irritation as well as clog pores.

5. Drying your face.
Use a soft clean towel to gently PAT DRY your face. Do not rub and scrub your face dry.

6. Leaving makeup overnight – ewwww.
NEVER leave makeup on when you go to bed. This can lead to all kinds of problems like blocked pores, acne, irritation, smothering of the skin, fungi, bacteria and the list goes on. The worst thing you can do for acne prone skin or reactive skin is wear makeup at all. Trying to cover up acne, blemishes, rosacea etc with makeup will only make it worse! It is a viscious circle.