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Before You Pucker Up…Check this out


It seems that a popular brand of “natural cosmetics” contains…LEAD.


Courtesy of, some of the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers have been found to contain lead in the testing of over 400 lipsticks by the Federal Drug Administration.

If you need a friendly reminder as to why this is bad, here is another article that not only tells us what 7 toxins found in cosmetics we should avoid but they also give a handy PDF that can be carried on your person the next time you go shopping for cosmetics or skin care products

Grapefruit Seed Extract Update


A while back, a post was written about adulterated grapefruit extract and other extracts being contaminated with some harsh synthetic preservatives.

The truth is that many natural companies are using them as a preservative in their “so called” natural products and claiming them as 100% natural and misleading the public. Here is a new study released from the Botanical Council. Courtesy of New Hope

It’s kind of scary considering the part about the manufacturers being responsible for purposely adulterating the extract and changing the preservatives to stay ahead of the testing.

Is Green the New Black?

A growing number of cosmetic companies are continuing to jump on the bandwagon of sustainability in their products. Major companies are using less packaging as well as other environmentally-friendly methods. For the person who may have grown up with familiar brands such as Proctor & Gamble, this can be a little misleading.

What Are Parabens Anyway?


These are preservatives used in many skin and body care products that extend the shelf life. Courtesy of Healthy Just like preservative used in food to keep it fresh, they have been linked to problems when consumed on a daily basis. They also tend to mimic estrogen and have been linked to cancer in humans and animals. However, despite these findings, the Federal Drug Administration(FDA) allows this to be used in cosmetics as of June 2011.

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