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A Lesson in Ingredient Names

Oh, the dreaded fear-mongering sites. You’ve seen them. You know the saying, “If you can’t pronounce the ingredient, don’t use it”. I hear this quite often and the problem is that it simply does not apply anymore.

The government has made it law that all cosmetic manufacturers use a system called INCI or International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients.

The “Savings” That Costs Me


In the past year, I have clipped coupons, received manufacturer rebate checks and done just about anything a person can do to save money. The only place where I don’t cut corners is my sensitive skin.

Ever since I can remember, my skin has cracked and peeled in the cooler months. Now, before I became a stay-at-home mom, I had no problem buying brand name moisturizers. Sometimes I felt like a kid in a candy store when I went away with promotional items,even if I gave most of them to my little sister.

New Product in Time For Warm Weather

Natural Deodorant

Are you tired of antiperspirants with mystery ingredients that are supposed to fight wetness? Or those that have such a strong scent that it clashes with your body chemistry? How about those “natural” deodorants that can’t stop perspiration?

Nature’s Natural Solutions has the answer in a new deodorant that is free of aluminum and will protect your body from wetness for more than 24 hours. One day is the maximum time that those products sold at most stores can guarantee. Available in Outdoor Fresh and Sensual Amber scents.

What You Should Know About Healthy Skin Care

The next time someone tries to sell you some miracle product, ask about the ingredients and research them if you don’t know what they are or what their benefits are. Stay away from the sites that say things like “well you can use that to wax your car”. Guess what? Carnauba wax can be used to wax your car real nice even though it’s also a plant wax and perfectly fine for the skin.