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Want Soft Skin?

A good start is to find a quality natural-based skin care company who you can deal with either ordering online or is located in your area.

Don’t be fooled by the big chains that have their stores in the local mall and spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing.

Beware of the products that toot a certain natural ingredient like milk or oats.

Keeping Skin Soft During “The Change”

Back in my 30’s, I used to buy tons of fragrances and scented bath products for every mood. I received a lot of compliments and had no problem telling people about the places that sold them. Now that I’m entering my 40’s, it’s a little different. While I still look good and am in great shape, my skin gets dry more often. Skin products more oil and synthetics make me feel yucky or I have to use it things more often. Then a friend suggested I try natural goat milk products.

Feel Like a Queen on Valentine’s Day


Winter is still here and that means giving your skin what it deserves all year long. If you love the department store scents but hate having to “layer” so that skin will stay soft, try our goat’s milk bath and shower products for that luxurious feeling!

And remember that you do not have to be a member of royalty in order to feel pampered and special. Back in ancient Egyptian times, Cleopatra only used natural ingredients like milk in which to bathe. Could you imagine if she had to use synthetic products that dry skin or can be irritating?