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Get Soft Skin in Dry Winter Months

The cold, chilly weather is upon us and it’s that time to start protecting yourself against dryness and cracks. Now instead of masking in cheap oils and synthetic products, we have Bath Truffles. These will moisturize while keeping soft and supple.
What better way to unwind after a long day by adding these to bath water. Just drop, let dissolve and treat your skin to something special. Bath Truffles are also excellent for those suffering from ailments such as eczema or psoriasis.

Light Up Your Nights

Are you tired of buying candles that smell great in the store but not when you get home? Or feeling like you have to spend a day’s pay on quality candles?

Well check out Natural Soy Wax Candles by Nature’s Natural Solutions. They are hand-poured and come in delicious varieties like Crème Brulee, Maple, Apple Crisp and Sweet Clover.

Facing Reality

For as long as I can remember, my face has peeled like crazy during the winter months. Especially in that T-Zone across my brows and down my nose, it can get really dry and crackly. A friend told me about a facial cleanser that moisturizes while fighting bacteria but I didn’t take heed until it was too late (almost).