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Get Clean and Moisture in One Step!

I used to do what some people call “layering”. Meaning I would find a scent I liked, go to a high-end franchise bath shop and buy everything from the body wash to foot balm to hand lotion just to make sure that I could smell like lavender all day. Of course, I ran out often because my skin always felt dry.

One day, I came to work early and stayed hidden in my corner cubicle. Some others followed and someone asked if I’d made it in yet. A couple of people joked that if you couldn’t smell me then no. At first, it was funny but about five minutes later, the joke went somewhere else. I guess people are a little too polite to tell you that you stink too good.

What You Should Know About Your Shampoo

Some of you out there, at one time or another, have tried a shampoo that irritated your scalp to no end. And you may have said to yourself, ‘That’s what I get for buying a cheap/too darn expensive product.’ Price does not matter, it’s the chemicals along with the condition of your scalp at the time of shampooing. Dry skin is more prone to itch and sometimes it can hurt more to scratch because the last thing you need is to have product coming in contact with raw skin.

Facial Impressions

Over the summer, I went job hunting after being laid off for almost a year. Building my self-confidence was a challenge as everything seemed to go wrong on one particular day.

Due to my junk food cravings during my time off, my alreadyoily skin broke out in horrid acne and I had the scars to show it. I even had a friend work with my makeup, which included a heavy concealer but it was no match for that particularly balmy afternoon.

Fight Dry Skin

Winter months are around the corner and your skin will need the best protection possible. Skin that soft is not synonymous with greasy skin or smelling fragrant. Our Concentrated Foot & Body Butters contain natural ingredients that include pure goat’s milk, cocoa butter and Vitamin E.

A Word From Our Customers

These days, I’m really watching my money but I don’t want to sacrifice my well-being in the process. Now, I’m not a fancy chick that only needs brand name items. Well…not anymore. When I had a nice position with this big advertising firm, it was no big deal for me to spend a days’ pay on make-up and skin care items.

In retrospect, I see why the salesgirls were ALWAYS so happy to see me coming.

Anyway, when my company relocated, I tried drugstore and discount brands and found myself with skin that was dry and peeling in just a short period of time. Not long ago, I had an interview with a client and this person gave me a handkerchief while I was speaking. I thanked them and they gestured to my nose.